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Apr 19, 2022

In this episode, I am talking to Gavin Bain who is the Managing Director of Wunderman Thompson Perth. Gavin brings an interesting perspective to the podcast as a marketer who started out in the world of finance. His approach and involvement in the marketing industry has been well recognised, being named ad person of the year twice, in the Western Australian Campaign Brief awards.

In our discussion, Gavin shares his perspective on the importance and role of branding and talks about joining Wunderman Thompson as part of the acquisition of Meerkats in which he was the CEO for some 10 years.

We also talk about why companies need to invest in strategy upfront, as well as be more strategic in considering how much they invest in social media. We also consider examples of strong brands and talk about an industry and associated brands that have some challenges on the horizon. He also reveals his thinking in balancing tactical and branding strategies. Enjoy